Our Company

Green Hills Communications delivers the latest in communications services, from lightning-fast Internet and top-quality TV programming, to high-quality voice service. We also offer a comprehensive business communications solution to maximize your productivity, as well as commercial web hosting and network management services. We are committed to providing the best service possible and ensuring Green Hills Communications is your technology provider of choice.

Our Leadership Team

David Adams


Chuck Erke

Info. Systems Mgr.

Gene Dinwiddie

Plant Ops Mgr.

Dennis Doyle


Angela Shaffer

Sales & Marketing Manager

Our Board of Directors

  • David Misel, President (Polo)
  • Roy Thomas, Vice President (Ludlow, Mooresville & Wheeling)
  • Curt Shonk (At Large), Secretary (Breckenridge, Cowgill, Knoxville, Lock Springs, Polo & Stet)
  • Lloyd Riley (Breckenridge & Lock Springs)
  • Willard Wood (Stet)
  • Steve Tarr (Dawn & Bogard)
  • Howard Baker (Avalon & Tina)
  • Carolyn Shaffer (At Large) (Breckenridge, Cowgill, Knoxville, Lock Springs, Polo & Stet)
  • Phil Griffith (At Large) (Avalon, Bogard, Dawn, Ludlow, Mooresville, Tina & Wheeling)
  • Bill Gilliland (At Large) (Avalon, Bogard, Dawn, Ludlow, Mooresville, Tina & Wheeling)

Some of the Organizations and Events We Support