Watch Out For Charity Scams Scammers will take advantage of any opportunity to steal from you. Around this time of year, it’s your charitable spirit they’re trying to profit from. Because you may only donate to a charity once a year, and you may not be familiar with their website or communication methods, it’s easy for scammers to find ways to trick you. Follow these tips to avoid being fooled:

Beware of any entity that doesn’t provide detailed information about itself and its mission.

Avoid entities that use high-pressure tactics to try and get you to donate immediately.

Watch out for entities that ask for donations in cash, ask you to wire money, or offer to send a courier service to collect the donation.

Keep in mind basic email hygiene: Don’t click or download links or attachments from unknown sources, and don’t reply to questionable email messages.

Do your homework on charities before making any donations.

Ask for detailed information about the charity and how your donation will be used.

Check with a reputable organization, such as Charity Navigator, to gather additional information about how the group operates.

Search for the name of the organization together with the word “complaints” to see if anything comes up.

This holiday season, don’t let scammers hijack your good intentions!