Get to know Green Hills Communications

You may be aware Citizens was recently acquired by Green Hills Communications.  We know this will ultimately be a great thing for our communities – and for you – with the promise of greater broadband capacity and a better internet experience.

Green Hills is a small rural communications company with headquarters just up the road in Breckenridge.  Like Citizens, they place an emphasis on community support through events, youth activities, and by building superior networks for those who might otherwise go without service.

Citizens and Green Hills are very similar companies.  Most important, and the reason we’re excited about the change, is that they believe what we believe: Community First.

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Citizens and Green Hills:

What changes, what stays the same.

Much of what you know and love will remain the same. And some things will change – we’re always striving to get better!
Green Hills and Citizens. We are better together!

Same great
customer service

Our local service team
is here to help

Same account and
billing information

You’ll pay your bill the same
way. You’re account information
will not change.

New service

We’re working hard to bring
new services online, building a
new fiber network and finding
ways to serve you better.

Learn more about the acquistion by calling
800-846-3426 or visiting Citizens here.

We’re looking forward to a brighter future, together.