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Higher speeds may be available in certain areas. Call 660-584-2111 or 660-644-5411 for additional information.

A $100 service installation fee and $50 deposit will be required for new orders. If adding Wifi Solutions, an additional $50 analysis fee will be applied. No minimum level of speed is guaranteed. Performance may vary due to conditions outside network control such as customer location, physical equipment limitations, network congestion, server or router speeds of website accessed, and inside wiring conditions. Prices are subject to change and do not include taxes and surcharges or any additional services ordered. Service not available in all areas. Other restrictions may apply. For more information, contact our office at 660-584-2111 or 660-644-5411.

Phone Plans

Residential Local & Long Distance Plans

Plan Details


By default, the features shown in bold will be your 5 additional features. These can be changed at anytime.

  1. Automatic callback
  2. Automatic recall
  3. Call forward busy
  4. Call forward no answer
  5. Call forwarding
  6. Call waiting
  7. Long speed 30
  8. Selective call rejection
  9. Selective call acceptance
  10. Selective call forwarding
  11. Selective distinctive ringing
  12. Short speed 8
  13. Teen line/distinctive ring
  14. Three-way calling
  15. Toll access restriction
  16. Voice mail (Voice mail requires call forward-busy & call forward-no answer.)
  17. Warm line. Some technical restrictions may apply.


Installation Charges

One month in advance may be charged when signing up for telephone service. Customers will be charged only for the items that apply to the service requested. Prices are subject to change.


Service Cost
Installation/Move $100.00
Jack $10.00
Wiring $30.00
Monthly Fee Breakdown
Local Service $23.50
Federal Subscriber Access Charge $6.50
MO Relay $0.06
E911 Service Tax $1.00
FUSC (32.8%) $2.13
MUSF (.15%) $0.04
Total per month $33.23


Plan Details

LifeLine & Disability Credits

You may qualify for Lifeline Discounts on your telephone or broadband service if you or someone residing in your household participates in one of the following programs:

• MO HealthNet (f/k/a Medicaid)
• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (Food Stamps)
• Supplemental Security Income
• Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
• Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
• 135% of the Federal Poverty Level

The Low-Income program offers monthly discounts. To apply for the Lifeline discount, visit The Low-Income program offers monthly discounts. To apply for the Lifeline discount, visit

You may qualify for Disability Discounts on your telephone service if you or someone residing in your household is blind or disabled and receiving benefits from one of the following programs:

• Veteran Administration Disability Benefits
• State Blind Pension
• State Aid to Blind Persons
• State Supplemental Disability Assistance
• Federal Social Security Disability

The Disabled program also offers monthly discounts. To apply for the Disability discount, contact Green Hills Communications at 660-644-5411.

Participation is limited to one discount per household.

MOPSC Frequently Asked Questions

Do all companies participate in these programs? 
No.  Not all companies participate in the program.  All incumbent landline local telephone companies, some competitive landline local telephone companies and a few wireless companies participate.  Check with your desired provider to see if they participate.

Can I receive discounts on multiple lines or phones? 
No.  Only one discount per household.

How long will I remain on the program once admitted? 
You are obligated to contact your local provider if you no longer meet eligibility requirements; however, companies are required to annually verify that program participants continue to meet qualifying criteria.  Failure to comply with a company’s subsequent request for verification of continued eligibility will cause your discounts to cease.

How are these programs funded? 
Companies participating in these programs receive funding from the federal universal service fund and/or the Missouri universal service fund.  The Missouri USF provides a portion of the funding while the federal USF provides the remaining portion.  Both the Missouri USF and federal USF are supported by surcharges on consumer bills.

For more information on the Missouri Public Service Commission, click here.

Download a Lifeline application here.

International Long Distance Rates

CLICK HERE For International Long Distance Rates and Terms.

* All prices subject to change and exclude taxes and surcharges.