Band Together For Fiber

Tips for Residents to Turn Your Neighborhood into a Fiberhood

We are working hard to bring you Green Hills fiber as quickly as possible. If we have created Fiberhood Zones in your town, we will start things off with a Sign-Up stage.  This stage allows you to pre-register and choose your services.  While no money is due during this stage, the pre-registration shows a level of commitment on the part of our customers. Once a Fiberhood Zone has reached its designated sign-up goal, the neighborhood will be selected for the fiber build to begin.

Tips For Turning Your Neighborhood Into A FiberHood

1. Talk directly to your neighbors.

There’s nothing more effective than getting out and talking to your neighbors and encouraging them to sign up for Green Hills Communications Fiber so your neighborhood can become a Fiberhood. You know your neighbors, and you know your community. You’re a great resource to educate those around you!

Contact our Green Hills Communications team, and we’ll arm you with the information you need. You’ll be able to turn even the most reluctant person into an advocate for Green Hills Communications Fiber. Since Green Hills Communications will schedule the order of fiber installation in Chillicothe neighborhoods based on the level of interest expressed by neighborhood residents, it’s in your best interest to help spread the word. The faster you do, the faster you’ll get fiber.

2. Take your case to social media.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are great places to post your messages about fiber and its benefits— including super-fast internet speeds of up to 1GB. Most of your neighbors and local leaders are probably already engaged on these networks and will be easy to reach.

Consider creating a Facebook Group dedicated to your efforts. Groups are a convenient way for people to rally behind a common goal and communicate with each other.

3. CALL OUR OFFICE at 1.800.846.3426.

Call our office and ask to talk to one of our sales representatives. They will be happy to give you ideas, suggestions, and marketing materials for use in your neighborhood.

Learn more about the Fiberhood stages and process

Check to see if sign-ups are open in your area by filling in your house number, zip code, and clicking on search.

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