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It’s time to start planning your Fiberhood! Show your interest today!”
This form is for fiberhood planning purposes only.

Completing this form does not commit you to taking services from Green Hills or guarantee these services will be available through Green Hills.

Potential Fiberhood Services

Please tell us which services you would be most interested in receiving if a fiberhood was built in your area.
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Total Care Plan (Maintenance Protection) *
Ultimate WiFi (includes parental controls, device prioritization, virus/malware protection, and much more! One time $50 WiFi Analysis Fee) *

Unlimited Local and Long Distance

*Federal, state + local taxes + fees are not included, Long Distance includes calls made to lower 48 US States only, calls made to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories or international countries will incur additional fees.
UPS Battery - Notes: Phone service will NOT work in case of power outage without a UPS battery backup installed. This is not mandatory, but without a UPS battery backup installed, access to E911 will not work when power is out. *
*An uninterruptible power supply/backup battery that maintains power or up to 8 hours or 24 hours are available upon request.