• Server-side filtering eliminates the need for client software.
  • Built on open source technology, constantly improving with the efforts of the open source community.
  • Webmail integration allows simple and familiar access with a single sign-on.
  • Works with existing e-mail and spam software without user intervention.
  • Spam reporting reports spam to network administrators, helping to stop spam at the source.
  • Intelligent learning system learns to detect both spam and legitimate e-mail based on user choices.
  • Individual settings allow users to create separate filtering settings for each e-mail address.
  • Separate filtering settings and quarantine areas for spam, viruses, and corrupt messages.

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Spam and virus filtering are quickly becoming a standard expectation of Internet and e-mail services as well as a growing security concern. The amount of spam customers receive is directly related to their Internet experience and perception of the service they are provided. e-Scout stops over 98% of spam with less than 1% false positives and provides leading open source anti-virus scanning that is updated several times daily to help prevent the spread of viruses on your network and to your users.

Unlike some solutions, e-Scout quarantines email messages rather than sending them to a black-hole. This has several benefits. First, users can review their quarantines for false positives or negatives ensuring no mail gets lost. Second, this confirmation process allows e-Scout to learn what is spam and what is legitimate e-mail. This makes e-Scout a better spam filter.

e-Scout can offer a standalone interface or integrate tightly within webmail. Integration within webmail allows users to have one place, and one login, to check both their e-mail and quarantine with a familiar interface. The standalone login allows quick access to e-Scout for users who might use Outlook or other mail clients instead of webmail.

How it works

Before e-mail is delivered to a mailbox, it must pass through the e-Scout mail filter. e-Scout references the recipient’s filter settings and begins scanning the message. Messages are first checked for viruses or suspicious files. Even the contents of compressed files such as .zip files are checked. If a message contains a virus it is placed in the user’s virus quarantine. Messages that are clean are passed to the spam filter. The spam filter performs over 500 checks, including referencing multiple real time spam databases, to rate the likelihood of a message to be spam. Messages that exceed the recipient’s settings are placed in the spam quarantine. Otherwise the e-mail is passed onto the mailbox. This process is highly optimized so that accurate determination can be made within only a few seconds. Messages never leave the server and have step by step confirmation and accountability to ensure that mail is never lost in the filtering process.

The best part of e-Scout is its sophisticated learning and reporting functionality. Users are reminded to check their quarantine on a periodic basis. When a user reviews their quarantine they can confirm whether a message was spam or legitimate. This is a two sided process, users can tell e-Scout if it made a mistake and either falsely quarantined a legitimate message or didn’t catch a message that was actually spam. This confirmation process allows e-Scout to learn what your users deem as spam or legitimate email so it can make better decisions when checking subsequent e-mail. The confirmation process also allows e-Scout report spam to spam tracking services and the administrators of networks where spam originates, helping to stop spam at the source.

Why Switch?

Fed up with junk e-mail or solutions that don’t catch spam, or worse yet block legitimate messages? e-Scout provides all the features you need and can actually save you time and money by reducing the costs associated with managing an in-house spam filter solution.

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