New Job Markets Are Emerging With High Speed Internet

Remote jobs by working from home are increasing in popularity every day. Analyst indicate that 68% of jobs could be conducted remotely in the near future and high speed Internet is part of making this dream come true.

From work-life balance to increased employee satisfaction, the lifestyle benefits of work-from-home are very appealing. As your local Internet provider it is amazing to see our fiber optic technology rapidly connecting the Internet to economic solutions. Online work sites like FlexJobs and many others are becoming major players in putting more people to work every day using Internet connections.

If you research working from home and find that it will be beneficial, you should evaluate your household’s current technology and consider some important questions:

  1. What equipment will I need to set up an in-home office? Items to consider include: laptop or PC, router, landline, smartphone and printer.
  2. Is my current Internet speed capable of handling my work needs? How much information will I need to download from the Internet to my computer, as well as upload back to my employer or customers?

For assistance evaluating your Internet needs, give us a call at 644-5411.  A Green Hills representative can help you review your technology usage and find the Internet speed that is right for you.