KCPT TV Outage

10-14-21 UPDATE KCPT TV (PBS) channels will be off air periodically over the next couple of days while they continue to replace equipment.

10-8-21 UPDATE KCPT TV (PBS) will be shutting down their transmitter over the next couple of days, so additional work can be done on their equipment. Customers trying to watch PBS on Skitter TV (channel 19) & Cablevision (channel 8/206) will experience an outage during this time.

10-7-21 – KCPT TV (PBS) is back up. They are still transmitting across their temporary equipment and anticipating the arrival of their permanent equipment soon.

10-6-21 – KCPT TV (PBS) will be replacing additional equipment today at 9:30 a.m. This process is expected to take approximately 3 hours. During that time, customers will experience an outage on this channel.
10-4-21 – KCPT TV (PBS) continues to experience transmission issues. They have returned to air, but at reduced power. Customers trying to watch PBS on Skitter TV (channel 19) & Cablevision (channel 8/206) will continue to see interruptions. This is a temporary fix until they receive the new parts for their permanent solution. Stay tuned for updates.

For 24/7 technical support, please call 660-644-5411.

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