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At Green Hills, we are deeply connected to our communities. We create bonds that keep our communities connected to each other and to the world at large.

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At Green Hills Communications, we understand that connections are important. Connections build communities. And communities come first.

Who We Are

Green Hills Communications delivers state-of-the-art communications services, both residential and commercial, to our local communities.  We are committed to providing a consistent, reliable and personal service that improves your life and keeps you connected. 

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Trouble Accessing Citizens E-Mail

Green Hills Communications recently merged ctcis.net and greenhills.net, so you may be having trouble accessing your e-mail if you had the ctcis.net website bookmarked. Please delete that bookmark and create a new one for greenhills.net. This video will help...

Maintenance Notification Scam

If you receive a "Maintenance Notification" e-mail like the one below, please delete it and do not click on the link within the e-mail. This e-mail is a SCAM and should be discarded. Internet support team. We are Updating the quota or disk space limit for our email...

Spam Message – Almost Out Of Storage

If you receive an e-mail like the one below, please delete it and do not click on any of the links inside this e-mail. This is spam mail and not from Citizens Telephone or Green Hills Communications. If you question the integrity of an e-mail you have received, please...

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