Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn closed captioning on and off?

Click on menu, settings, preference, and then set top box setup. Arrow down to closed captioning. Click on the “ok” button to change it from “yes or no”. Once you have it on the desired setting, arrow over to “apply” and click ok.

What is Absolute Cable TV (Previously Skitter TV)?

Absolute Cable TV is not cable or satellite TV – it’s so much more!  The video feed is delivered through an Internet network which provides even better quality and reliable  TV service than what you’ve come to expect from Green Hills Communications. Unlike satellite TV, Absolute Cable TV runs over an Internet connection which means that your service is not affected during severe weather.



Take your TV service on the go with WatchTVEverywhere from Absolute Cable TV.

WatchTVEverywhere allows you to stream programming from your qualifying Absolute Cable TV plan – including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows – to something other than a TV set.  That could mean your PC, laptop, iPAd, iPhone or Android.  Since it works from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal, you can stay entertained while you’re traveling and when you arrive at your destination.  It’s also perfect for lazy days on your own patio.<

Ready to start watching TV everywhere? Grab your most recent Green Hills Communications invoice and register your WatchTVEverywhere account.


Have questions about WatchTVEverywhere? We have answers!


What is my 4-digit passcode/password for Absolute Cable TV?

Sometimes when the power goes out you will be asked to enter a passcode or password. That 4-digit number is the same for all customers. It is 1234.

Where is the stop button located on my remote?

When programming your Amino remote, you will be asked to hit the stop button. It is located in the third row of buttons near the top of your remote.

It looks like this:  

Which button on my remote is the "input" button?

If you’re using an Amino remote, the input button is in the top row and contains the letters “AV”.
It looks like this: 

If you’re using a Potenza remote, the input button is in the very bottom row and contains the word “input”.

It looks like this: 


Does Absolute Cable TV offer Pay-Per-View?

No, Absolute Cable TV does not offer Pay-Per-View at this time.


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