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NTCA Welcomes Green Hills Communications to the National

Network of Smart Rural Community Providers

Across the United States, rural community-based broadband providers are serving small towns with robust broadband networks to support critical and innovative solutions for rural communities. These technological leaders are helping to build a nationwide network of Smart Rural Communities™ where broadband connections are helping create a brighter future for rural America. Today, NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association is pleased to welcome Green Hills Communications into this nationwide network in recognition of the company’s important work in bringing broadband-enabled advances to rural America.

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Community Photos

To share in the excitement of winning this award, Green Hills presented a Smart Rural Community street sign to communities within our service territory.  These signs proudly display our commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology to keep our communities connected to each other and the world at large!

Mooresville Community – Board Member Amy Turpin, Chairman Larry Wohlgemuth, and GH employee & Mooresville Treasurer Brenda Wever.

Breckenridge Community – Senior Alderman Craig Herrington and GH Employee & High School Alumni Brett Pratt.

Dawn Community – Fire Board Member Gordon Jones, DCIA President & Fire Board Member Jeff Jones, Chrislyn Jones (Jeff Jones daughter), Volunteer Fireman Justin Jones, and DCIA Board Member & Asst. Fire Chief Jim Anderson.

Ludlow Community – Green Hills Employee TJ Sanson and Chairman Tim Hein.

Cowgill Community – Alderman Jennifer Smith, Alderman Marilyn Moore, Mayor Mary JoAnn Williams, Alderman Stephanie Culter, and Treasure Pat Misel.

Wheeling Community – Mayor Darrin Fravel and Green Hills Employee Jeremy Munsterman.

Kingston Community – Water and Sewer Supervisor David Bethel.

Bogard Community – Mayor Keith Brock, Alderman Jerry Cooper, Alderman Jack Gray, Alderman Jeremy Olvera, Alderman James Birch, and City Clerk Phyllis Pennington.

Avalon Community – Avalon Community Center Owners Ronnie Bowes, Sherry Sims & Dale Sims, along with Green Hills employee and Avalon resident Burl Ireland.

Smart Rural Videos

Broadband in Government, Economic Development,
Education, & Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions in the list below.

What is the Smart Rural Community (SRC) Showcase Award?

The Smart Rural Community (SRC) Showcase Award is presented by NTCA Rural Broadband Association to Rural Broadband Providers across the nation that deploy advanced technologies and enhance quality of life in small towns using robust broadband networks. 

What makes a rural community "smart"?

Smart Rural Communities ™ provide a brighter future for small towns across America by utilizing broadband to support innovation, economic development, education, health care, efficient energy distribution and use, and other vital community functions.

Why did Green Hills Communications receive the SRC?

GHC strives to provide the latest in technology to the communities it serves and has become a leading provider of telecommunications solutions in rural North Central Missouri. GHC takes great pride in deploying fiber-optic networks that develop smart communities, bring new jobs, create economic opportunities, and help close the digital divide in North Central Missouri’s rural communities. By wisely investing into its gigabit fiber-optic network, GHC provides Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) solutions to the majority of its customer base. The remainder of the customer base is served via a legacy copper network, of which capital investment is spent each year updating portions of that legacy network to FTTP.

I don't have fiber available at my home yet. When will that be available?

We are working very hard to bring you Green Hills fiber as quickly as possible, but there are many steps that need to take place before service can be installed.  Learn more about the Fiber Construction Process.

What are some of GHC's collaborative efforts to promote and support broadband technology?

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS:  GHC has a strong relationship with many community partners throughout our six counties.  Members of the GHC Leadership team serve on boards, committees, and are also actively involved in advocating for the success in these communities by attending events like the MO Technology Conference (St. Louis), MO Broadband Leadership Academy (Camdenton), and the Great Northwest Days (Jefferson City), where they meet with government officials to discuss rural broadband development efforts throughout Missouri and the impact on growing the surrounding rural communities.

GHC’s history is a remarkable story showing how businesses must evolve over time to survive. This important lesson is passed along to students through a Partners In Education (PIE) program at local schools. In PIE, sutdents learn the history of telecommunications, from telegraph machines, to switch boards, party lines, phone booths, landlines and cell phones.

Students also learn the history of the Internet, the different ways to deliver Internet and receive a Sargent Cyborg Safety t-shirt upon completion of the GHC Internet Safety Course.

GHC is a huge supporter of its local schools. Each year, GHC donates over $3,000 in school supplies to (8) local elementary/middle schools.

GHC also works with the Foundation for Rural Services (FRS) to offer $500-$2,500 annual scholarship(s).

GHC also sponsors the annual FRS Washington Youth Tour which provides an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC. Students are nominated by their school counselor and interviewed by a panel of judges at the GHC office. The winning student presents a recap of their experience and lessons learned to GHC members during the GHC Annual Meeting.

GHC participates in area career days and job fairs to give students an idea of what jobs are available in rural Missouri within the telecommunications industry. It also provides an opportunity for students to determine what type of education and skills are needed to achieve those jobs.


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