Green Hills is gathering data to report Broadband Internet performance speeds to the FCC. We are reaching out for your assistance! This process requires that you run periodic speed tests on your computer. This will not only help us report an accurate assessment of our system, it may also identify problems on your computer like viruses and/or spyware that can drastically slow down your service.

Speed results may vary from test to test, so in order to acquire the most accurate reading we ask that you at least run the test three consecutive times. The test is a simple and easy tool to use. It will calculate your download (rate at which data is downloaded to your computer) and upload (rate at which data is uploaded from your computer) speeds.

We ask that you review the following instructions before performing the test. Our help desk is available 24 hours a day at 800.829.2415 if you should need assistance.

  1. Delete cookies and temp files from your computer as these can cause slow speeds.
  2. Make sure your Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware are active and up-to-date. If not . . . STOP! Don’t go any further until you have updated these crucial software protection services.
  3. Run your Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware software to clean up any possible infections.
  4. If you have more than one device (computer, iPad, smart phone, Xbox, etc.) connected to the internet, shutdown all of them, except the computer you’re going to run the test on.
  5. Click on this link to start the speed test
  6. Click “Begin Test”.
  7. The results are automatically reported to Green Hills.
  8. Restart Test again for Test 2
  9. Restart Test again for Test 3

If the speed test calculations are substantially lower than what you’re paying for, it’s possible that your computer is infected with a virus or malware. If you feel this is the situation, please be sure you have completed steps 1-3 before contacting Green Hills at 660.644.5411 or 800.846.3426 for assistance.