Billing and Complaint Procedures

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Understanding Your Bill

Green Hills combines all its services on one bill; therefore, if you subscribe to any Green Hills service those charges will be included on your billing statement.

On the first page of your bill you will notice the total amount due and a list of summarized charges. At the top of the first page is your remittance slip. Return this portion with your payment.

The following pages are itemized charges for all Green Hills services you are using, for example Skitter TV, local, long distance, Internet, etc.

Billing & Payments

Payments may be mailed, dropped off at the business office in Breckenridge during regular business hours or placed in the “drop box” located just before you enter the parking lot. See Billing and Late Charges section for additional payment methods.

Billing and Late Charges

Bill are mailed during the first week of each month. Payment is due upon receipt and will become delinquent on the 25th. If your service becomes disconnected for non-payment you must contact the Green Hills office to have it reconnected. (A note mailed with your payment is acceptable.) We have a variety of ways you can make your payment – Online eBill allows you to make a one-time payment or a recurring payment from your bank account or with your debit or credit card. Automated clearinghouse allows you to schedule an automatic withdraw from your checking/savings account. Automated Credit Card Payment allows you to charge a recurring payment to your credit card. We also accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards. Refunds will be issued within 30 days following the resolution of the request and the return of Green Hills’ equipment if service is terminated.

Green Hills has established procedures to ensure billing disputes are promptly and efficiently resolved. All disputes concerning billing problems should be addressed in writing to the attention of customer service at 7926 NE State Route M, PO Box 227, Breckenridge, MO 64625 or you may call your local Green Hills customer service representative at 644-5411 or 1-800-846-3426. Green Hills will respond to all written disputes or concerns within 30 days. If you are not satisfied with our investigation, you may contact your local franchising authority.

Terminating Service

You may terminate Green Hills’ services in person at the local Green Hills office or by telephone. You will be liable to Green Hills for the full replacement cost of any damaged or unreturned equipment. Any account deposit may be used to offset any outstanding balance or the cost of any damaged or unreturned equipment.

You understand and agree that Green Hills may charge your credit card on file at termination in the amount of any outstanding balance and for the cost of any unreturned or damaged equipment.


In requesting and accepting Green Hills’ services, you agree to indemnify and hold Green Hills harmless from and against any and all demands, claims, suits, attorney or witness fees, liabilities and other expenses for damages to property or injury or death of any person arising from the installation and provision of the services, except where caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Green Hills or its authorized employees or agents. You agree that Green Hills is not liable for any consequential damages as a result of any loss of service, nor will you make any claims or undertake any actions against Green Hills for loss of service.

Local Franchising Authorities

City of Breckenridge
680 W. Wisconsin
Breckenridge, MO 64625

City of Cowgill
450 Main Street
Cowgill, MO 64637

City of Norborne
109 E. Second Street
Norborne, MO 64668

City of Polo
603 Main
PO Box 307
Polo, MO 64671

Village of Tina
105 N. Main
Tina, MO 64682

City of Wheeling
PO Box 76
Wheeling, MO 64688

All other areas that we provide video in are covered by statewide franchise.