Installation and Service Maintenance Policies

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Conditions of Subscription

Customers must be at least 18 years of age to receive Skitter TV service. A valid identification card of the party responsible for the account must be presented at the time of application for service or installation.

Installation and Service Maintenance Policies

To report service outages or other problems during regular business hours (Mon. – Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) call 644-5411 or 1-800-846-3426. After hours, call 1-800-554-5688. If a problem is reported after regular business hours, a representative will call the following business day to schedule an appointment.

To ensure quality service and a clear TV picture, Green Hills offers free service calls on all “Skitter TV-related” outages and service problems. For residential and commercial accounts, this includes maintenance of facilities to an outside connector box. Other maintenance, such as tuning a TV/VCR and additional wiring, will be done with “time and material” charges.

The free service includes maintenance of Green Hills facilities to the point of connection with customer-owned wiring. To repair inside wiring, Green Hills will prepare a cost estimate based on standard “time and material” rates before proceeding with the work.

Green Hills’ goal is to provide clear TV signals 24-hours a day; however, the following conditions may cause service interruptions:

Service Interruptions

Nature – High winds, extreme temperature changes, and lightning may cause power outages or surges.

Construction – Interruptions may occur during construction of cable facilities and other types of construction including utilities, roadways, and other structures.

Service Interference

Electrical – Interference on broadcast channels caused by electrical interference radiating from local sources such as power plants, manufacturing companies or faulty insulators on power lines.

Sun Outages

Each year at approximately the same time as the spring and fall equinox, viewers may experience a service interruption in satellite channels known as a “sun outage.” This temporary outage occurs when the sun and the satellite are in line with the receiving dish. The sun’s rays are more powerful and will override the satellite signals. During a sun outage, satellite channels will temporarily fade out from 3 to 15 minutes. This occurs for about two weeks at approximately the same time each day, depending upon the satellite feed. As the earth rotates, the receiving dish moves out of the sun’s direct path and service is restored. The interruption occurs in both sunny and cloudy weather conditions.

Service Problem

Green Hills maintains and repairs Skitter TV-related service problems free of charge; however, if the problem is caused by the customer (for example, TV channel tuning, volume control, customer wiring, video wiring destroyed by animals, customer abuse of the equipment or the video drop, VCR tuning and incompatible equipment) Green Hills reserves the right to charge for each dispatch. If the customer abuses service maintenance policies, Green Hills reserves the right to charge for this service.

Trouble Shooting

Many problems are easy to fix when you know how. These simple tips may save you time and money. If you have a problem, please call the office for assistance.

  • No picture – Make sure your TV is connected to the STB. Make sure your TV and the STB are plugged into a 110/120 AC outlet.
  • Try adjusting the brightness control on your TV.
  • Snow on screen or no signal – Make sure the TV is tuned to the correct input.
  •  No color or distorted color on all channels – Check the TV’s color fine-tuning.

TV-Related Problems

  • Set lights up but there is only a white line across the picture
  • Picture does not light up.
  • Sound on all channels, but no picture.
  • The whites bloom or bleed into the blacks.
  • The TV pops or snaps.
  • Picture is very dark even with brightness up full.

Video-Related Problems

  • There are ghosts on all video channels.
  • The low channels are good, but the high channels are bad.
  • The high channels are good, but the low channels are bad.
  • There are unusual patterns moving through the picture.


The procedures you follow to use Skitter TV service will depend on the features of your TV, DVD, Blue Ray Player, and VCR. Listed below is general information on your video service. Please call your local Green Hills office if you have questions about your individual Skitter TV service.

The Skitter TV Installation

The technician will meet with you to discuss your needs, including the TV location, equipment capabilities and services requested. After the location and service needs are established, the service technician will evaluate the proper installation and equipment needed to provide you with Skitter TV service.

When you are satisfied with the suggestions and installation procedures, the technician will begin the work. Standard installation will take approximately 30-40 minutes per set top box.

After the installation is completed, the technician will check for proper signal, ensure the equipment is working, and give an overview of proper equipment use and maintenance.

Installing Your DVD and Blue Ray Recorders

With your DVD or Blue Ray Recorders, you can access a whole world of entertainment. Record the shows you wish to see and then watch them whenever it’s convenient. Installation of your DVD or Blue Ray Recorder with the set top box (STB) can be completed using the steps listed below. The diagram at the right can be used with the step-by-step instructions.

By connecting your equipment this way, you will be able to watch and record the same channel. When choosing this option, be sure to check that you have both the TV and the DVD or Blue Ray Recorder set to the proper channel.

Step 1: The video drop connects to the “in” terminal on the STB and should be in place.

Step 2: A jumper cable is run from the STB “out” terminal to the “in” terminal on your DVD or Blue Ray Recorder.

Step 3: A second jumper is run from the “out” terminal on your DVD or Blue Ray Recorder to the back of your TV.

Equipment Compatibility

TV’s will not receive the digital or high-definition signals carried on Skitter TV’s system without a set-top box provided by Green Hills. The Green Hills STB will accommodate most televisions. It has video outputs for Coax (channel 3), AV (Yellow, Red, & White). Component (Red, Green, & Blue for video and Red & White for audio) and HDMI (single data type plug). You will be required to set your TV to use the appropriate input for correction operation and to get the best possible image quality.