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Green Hills may perform service, maintenance or audit work on a customer’s property. Green Hills reserves the right to have reasonable access to this property to maintain and secure Green Hills’/Skitter TV’s system and service.

Home Wiring

The FCC requires the company to provide customers the opportunity to acquire cable home wiring before removing it from customer’s premises upon termination of service. The FCC defines cable home wiring as the internal wiring within the premises or dwelling unit of the customer beginning at the demarcation point, which has been installed by the company or its contractor. Video home wiring is the cable itself and does not include any active hardware such as STB’s, remote control units, modems, or similar equipment. The FCC’s rules only cover video wiring located within the customer’s premises and not the wiring outside the house. The demarcation point for home wiring in single family homes is the modem.

The rules apply only to voluntary service terminations by customers. Involuntary service terminations that result from theft of service or nonpayment by the customer do not follow the same rules. If involuntary termination occurs, the company may remove the video home wiring from the customer’s premises without first offering it to the customer, unless ownership of the wiring has already been transferred by the operator to the customer.

Though the FCC rules allow a company to sell the wiring if the above conditions are met, Green Hills has elected to transfer ownership at no charge to the customer. If renting, the customer must have written permission from his/her landlord before Green Hills can install or remove any jack or wiring.


Contact 1-800-DIGRITE three working days before you dig. If you don’t call Dig Rite you may be responsible for repair costs.

In Accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations:

Skitter TV presently carries most local broadcast signals received off-air. If a change would occur that is within Green Hills’ control, you will be given 30 days notification of this change.

Services and Prices

Please contact us at 660.644.5411 or 800.846-3426 or visit our website at www.greenhills.net for information on services and prices including:

  • Products and services offered
  • Subscription prices and options
  • Channel positions

A copy of the customer notification and the above information may be mailed to you upon request.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]