Shipping scams are becoming more prevalent since there are so many of us ordering online. We have to be extra cautious when it comes to opening e-mails like the example given below. Use the following tips to identify if it’s a scam or a legitimate e-mail. If it appears to be a scam, then just delete it. Do not click on any of the links. Scam e-mails usually attach their virus to the tracking number. So by clicking on that tracking number you’re subjecting your computer to a potential virus or a malicious malware attack.

How to identify spam emails:
1. The sender address isn’t correct. The e-mail was sent to a generic e-mail and not to a specific person
2. The sender doesn’t seem to know the addressee. Did they spell your name correctly?
3. Embedded links have weird URLs. (Hover over the links. Does the destination look correct?)
4. The language, spelling, and grammar are not correct
5. The content is bizarre or unbelievable