Check out our telephone directory app. It allows you to search for residential or business numbers in any place you might be traveling and allows for you to do a reverse number search. It can quickly use your GPS location and give you turn-by-turn directions. If you are planning ahead you can change the location for your search. Find a listing you want to save? Simply click and the contact can be added to your phone instantly! The scrolling ribbon on the home screen shows popular category quick links such as auto repair, food & nightlife, shopping, medical, etc. You can also search for other categories not listed. In addition to the contact information, it will show you the spot on the map and distance from your location. Try it out – what do you have to lose – it’s FREE!

To download the free app, search “SurfYellow” on the Apple and Google Play Stores. Brought to you by Green Hills Telephone and Hanson Directory.