If you receive an email with the subject line “GREENHILLS Webmail Update” and it is requesting that you update your account information, please delete it. This is spam and NOT from Green Hills Communications.

See the example below. Remember, if you see typos and an urgent tone, it’s a sign that you are looking at a SPAM message. Delete this message and do not click the link! 🙂

From Greenhills communication <gafaragbaje14@gmail.com>

Hi Greenhills Member

We are currently making new changes to our GREENHILLS Webmail Server to avoid Unwanted/Spam Emails. We were not able to VALIDATE your Account because you haven’t updated your GREENHILLS Webmail

Please follow the steps below for your upgrade process. <<UPDATE NOW>>

NOTE: Failure to Validate/Update your Webmail Account will lead to Loss of CONTACT and INFORMATION. Kindly take a step to update your GREENHILLS Webmail to continue using our services.

Spam email alert