As more companies implement the “work-from-home” policy, due to COVID-19, employees are now having to learn how to be just as productive without their normal resources and routines. This can be a very challenging transition for some. Especially, if you’re used to working with a team of employees, discussing different scenarios, and leaning on them to help accomplish certain tasks. Don’t worry, here are a few ways you can stay focused, keep connected, and accomplish all of your tasks:


  • Develop a schedule – Wake up early, get dressed, prepare your mind for the day.
  • Set messaging standards – Share information in a timely manner, so your team stays focused and informed.
  • Have a dedicated working space – Some where you can walk away from when the day is done.

Check In

  1. Daily chats – Keep in contact with your team throughout the day.
  2. Project Management – Use a project management program to keep your team on task and see productivity.
  3. Video Conferencing – A great way to get everyone on the same page and have a little face-time.
  4. Hosted Solutions – Never miss a call. Forward your office phone to your home or cell phone.

Have Fun

  1. Stay active – Sitting all day isn’t healthy. Step away from your desk, take in some fresh air, stretch your legs.
  2. Online book clubs, creativity sessions – Great way to break the monotony and helps you refocus.
  3. Virtual happy hour – Set a virtual chat with your team to relax, take a deep breath, and laugh.

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