When you sign up for Green Hills Internet service, you receive 10 MB of free storage space for your personal home page. This space is great for family pictures, hobbies, etc. If, at any time your site is used for making money, you will be contacted and billing for the “Web Value Package” will begin. FrontPage extensions are not available with personal home page hosting.

Utilizing Your Personal Web Space

  1. Open your source folder with the files that are to be copied to your web space. i.e. My Pictures, CD, Diskette, Memory Stick.
  2. Login to your personal web space. From your browser go to ftp://ftp.greenhills.net Enter your Green Hills login Username Enter your Green Hills login Password Click Log On
  3. When your web space appears, it will probably be empty. But, if a folder already exists called public_html, Skip to step 4. Right click in the empty folder and click NEW then click FOLDER Name the folder public_html (all lower case).
  4. Left click twice on the public_html folder. You should find it to be empty unless you have used it before.
  5. Click and drag or copy and paste the picture(s) from your source folder to the public_html folder.
  6. When done copying pictures, they can been seen by everyone on the Internet by opening a web browser and typing www.greenhills.net/~yourusername in the address bar, then click on the appropriate link to get the picture you want.