We hope you enjoy hearing from our field technicians! Mike McEntee loves his job, because his work as an Access Network Tech II in Plant helps make people happy.

Mike McEnteeA lady asked me for a hug, and she wrote my name down at the end of my service call. She wanted to ask for me anytime she needed help from Green Hills Communications.

I helped a lady with her TV service and explained what I was doing every step of the way and why it was going to fix her issues. She gave me a meal to say thanks!

A lady said I made her day, even though the ticket was only to fix her husbands TV. I went ahead and fixed hers, too. Now as she turns on her TV, it goes to our cable box automatically.

I had a lovely time with the customer’s three children. They followed me all around the yard and the house, telling me stories about soccer practice and ice cream, and of course they had a thousand questions about everything I was doing to fix their internet. The mom was the only adult there and it was easy to see on her face that the kids were making her anxious with how they acted towards me. I told her I had a little boy of my own so I definitely understand, but really they are just fine and aren’t bothering me at all. After I got the mom’s phone reconnected to the Wi-Fi, everyone in the house was very happy and excited to have cartoons back. The kids kept trying to put gifts in my back pocket while I was explaining things to their mom, it was really cute and funny.

Another woman I helped out was pretty upset when calling in about her issues. I listened to her concerns and what she wanted before I even started working. She discussed running a daycare in the house and really wanted our internet equipment moved away from where kids would be. So I first fixed her cable, then I moved her equipment exactly where she wanted it in the basement. She called me a “Green Hills Hero”. I of coursed thanked her for the compliment and went on my way. But that felt really good to hear.