Check out these 3 ways to fix a slow computer.

1. Make sure you are signed up for the right internet speed. Using too many devices on lower Internet speeds can cause unwanted slowness. On average, it is recommended that every device have at least 2-6 Mbps. For example:

a. Susie is watching an HD movie on a smart TV in the bedroom (4Mbps) and scrolling through Facebook on her tablet (2Mbps)
b. Samantha is streaming a Netflix movie in HD on a lap top (6Mbps) and Snap chatting with her friends on her cell phone that is connected to the home wifi (2Mbps)
c. Billy is playing Xbox games online with a friend (6Mbps).

With all of these devices running at once, this family is trying to use approximately 20Mbps of Internet service. If they are subscribing to a service plan that is less than 20Mbps they would experience buffering or slowness issues during their movies or online games. For this family, our recommendation would be the 50Mbps plan to cover all of these devices and enjoy streaming movies and online games without interruptions. Find pricing for Green Hills Internet service by clicking here.

Clean-up Tip #2